The whole purpose of this site is to help mariners. As a mariner we personally feel all of us are not united and our interaction with other mariners is limited. So we have created this site to provide us a platform where we can share over experience   and knowledge. We can help over young one's  in their exams by providing them quality study material free of cost. All e-books given in the site are absolutely free. At present our data base is small so we need help form our fellow mariners to provide us some quality study material. We personally request you to actively participate in all of the sections. Please feel free to request any book you need or any help you want. Any suggestion for betterment of this site will be highly appreciated.

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This site was created on test basis yet you can download few books here name of file may look different than the books name this is done purposely. You can even try our  marine community you only have to register once there you can blog also you will find lot of oral questions. even you can get answers of your own oral question. So joine our community and enjoy.....................


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